Position Open – Sacramental Preparation Coordinator

Father Michael is looking for an individual to fill the position of Sacramental Preparation Coordinator for the English program.

Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Is a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church in good standing.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Is recognized with the community as a person of solid reputation.
  • Formal studies or training in the area of theology, religious education or pastoral ministry is recommended.
  • Has appropriate leadership, organizational and facilitation skills and the ability to implement programs.
  • Is able to coach, delegate, foster open communication, develop dynamics and support the gifts of others in ministry.
  • In cases of emergency, knows contacts and/or procedures.
  • Must be willing to participate in current and ongoing formation.

Job Description

Employment Application

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Pray the Rosary August 2, 2014


Join the Knights of Columbus to Pray the Rosary on the 1st Saturday of each month from 3-3:30pm at the Church.

Click here for:  Prayers of the Rosary

Click here for: How to recite the Holy Rosary

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View Our Parish Profile as seen on YouTube

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To contact a Catholic priest for emergency situations at Fresno area hospitals, please contact the chaplain’s office or the hospital operator at the hospital where the patient is.  The Diocese of Fresno provides emergency on-call priests for local hospitals, except for St Agnes which has two Catholic priests on staff.

Community Regional Medical Center 559.459.6490 or 488.8800

Children’s Hospital Central California  559.353.5308 or 550.353.5544

Clovis Community Medical Center 559.488.0226 or 559.324.4027

Veteran’s Medical Center:  559.225.6100 ext 5351

Kaiser Permanente:  559.448.5820 or 448.2305

St Agnes Medical Center:  559.450-3227

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Our Prayer Line is open.  Call Kathleen at 473-9127.

     Pray for the sick, the hospitalized, the homebound, and for the deceased members of our parish.

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If you know of a homebound parishioner who would like to receive Communion, call the parish office at 268-6388.


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